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Life was perfect in every way, until…

There I was, at the “top of my game” working as UK Head of Sales for a European commercial vehicle manufacturer. It was a dream job. Company car, expense account, fabulous salary – which was double the average salary at the time – flights around Europe and my boss based in in another country. What more could anyone ask for?

Then, in November 2010, CRASH! The global financial crisis hit my industry and I found myself out of work and out of luck. The industry I worked in wasn’t hiring because no-one was buying trucks and I was “The wrong side of 40”.

It is said that most of us are just one mortgage payment away from homelessness. In my case that was certainly true. Around the same time my marriage failed and I was maintaining two homes on a single salary. Until I had no salary.

As a result of this massive reversal of fortune my health deteriorated drastically. I was diagnosed as suffering from severe depression which left me virtually house-bound for over a year. For a while I was even placed on suicide watch.

I never even saw it coming. Like the vast majority of people, I didn’t have a “Plan B”. Why would I? With a fantastic job, great salary, there was no reason to think I would ever need a “Plan B”.

I now, call this the “Arrogance of Ignorance”. Redundancy was something that happened to other people, NOT ME! I was king of my world.

That world changed radically in the wake of the Global Meltdown. Hard lesson learned. There is no such thing as a “job for life!  For any of us.

Gone are the days when people had a life-long career in banking or the public sector. Even police officers and armed forces are not safe from the spectre of redundancy. YOU are not safe from the spectre of redundancy. What is your “Plan B”?

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